Saturday, June 26, 2010


I love local vendors who are not too big to provide outstanding customer service. I often email photographers to ask for a copy of a photograph that they shot, of a wedding cake I provided.  The idea is they email the pictures to me and in return I put their link on my website and with the picture of the cake. Fair enough. Who couldn't use more exposure? Well, apparently a lot of people. Of the dozens of offers I've made over the years, only a handful have responded and only one or two said okay. HOWEVER, every now and again you have the pleasure of experiencing just the opposite.

After a very stressful day yesterday, I received an email from one of my brides letting me know that her photographers site had their wedding pictures posted. So I checked them out, and they were great. I emailed the photographer, not expecting to hear back for a dew days, if at all. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised when I received an email, not an hour later, with the photos attached. She gave me a lovely compliment on the cake setup AND a thank you!

No, Lynn Harris, THANK YOU! You made my crummy day end on an upswing, and I so appreciate you for that. And your prompt customer service. Outstanding!

The bride chose to have a Wedding Cupcake Tower. On a side note, the bride is quite creative. She did most of the decorations herself which were so unique and she blogged about her preparations for her wedding so her family could get updates! When I arrived to set up the cake, the way she had decorated the cupcake tower was beyond cute and the perfect backdrop for the cake. Keep in mind when the cupcake towers are shipped, they are plain, white cardboard. She did a fantastic job and transformed it into this:

Don't you just love the colors? They make me feel like spring.

And here's the cutting cake. Vibrant. Happy. Like the couple. Congratulations Clip and Judy!

Photos courtesy of Lynn Harris Photography. You can visit Lynn's site here


  1. Wow, Jen, I am humbled by your post! I wish Judy and Clip many years of happiness together! You are right about Judy being so creative. Everything was so beautiful that day down to every tiny detail! Thank you for posting this on your blog as you have made my day now! :)

  2. Vivian CovingtonJune 26, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    I work with Lynn and I am not surprised -- she gives great customer service at work, too, and with a great smile!