Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am getting ready for Valentine's Day and if you know me, that's a miracle. I am THE queen of procrastination. It's terrible, really. Anyhow, this year I am vowing to change certain things, and being a habitual dilly dallyer is one of them.
Yesterday I sent out a newsletter to my customers and brides, past, present and future. My newsletter isn't anything grand. I have a contest, but I don't give away big fancy things like other bloggers. I'm not there yet. I give away money off your order or a free dessert of some sort. The reward this newsletter is $14 off or an order of red or pink velvet whoopie pies! The $14 is because of Valentines Day. So clever.
Normally I buy my kids something along the lines of a stuffed animal and candy and put a love note in my middle child's lunchbox. She appreciates small gestures. The youngest, who's 4, doesn't go to school (but he starts in approximately 206 days!) and doesn't read yet so he doesn't get the note. And the oldest, the Teenager, doesn't want a note. He doesn't want anything. But this year, since it falls on a Sunday, I decided I would go all out. Food will be heart shaped, notes will be written, heart garland will be hung, kisses will be planted. Because I need to change the energy of my environment and now I can do it without my motives being obvious. Plus I feel the need to be unabashedly silly for my kids this year. I want to do things that my kids will talk about when they're older and reminiscing at 2am. If you have siblings you know what exactly what I mean. 

Tell me your traditions, the silly things you already do, or the traditions you'd like to start. I'm curious to see who else acts like a fool for love.

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  1. My Dad has always been my Valentine. When I was old enough to start dating, somehow or another, I would always end up single right before Valentine's Day. I have the curse of VD! :-) Thankfully, my Dad was always there to save the day with a heart shaped box of chocolates and a little cute stuffed animal. Now that I'm married, we don't really like to celebrate Valentine's Day because we believe every day should reflect how much you love one another. HOWEVER, I L-O-V-E holidays plus it gives me an extra reason to cook and bake! :-) I took your advice and we're going to have heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, heart shaped sandwhiches for lunch and heart shaped cheeseburgers for dinner. For dessert I'm going to make an eclair cake! Can't wait!