Monday, September 28, 2009


Here it is, my first post. It's odd to me that I am just now beginning to blog. It's really a big commitment. It takes time. Energy. Thought. Rare commodities these days. Having pages did you wonder what to say? Did you pause and try to think of something witty?  Did you type and then delete it before you committed and actually pressed the ENTER key? Did you hit enter and immediately get cold feet and delete it? Does any of this sound familiar at all or am I just babbling like I am on a bad, blind date? Being on two popular social networking sites, is a blog really necessary? I love blogs. My home page happens to be my favorite blog. I follow a ton of blogs. But blogging makes me question myself, my writing skills. Just how entertaining am I? Do I need to be? When you started your own blog, when you wrote your first tweet, when you answered your first "what are you doing',
I hope I'm slightly amusing. You may find me more so as I begin to make public my 'adventures'. That sounds better than mishaps, right? I'll share successful adventures too! I'll share about cake decorating. You will surely find these adventures amusing. If you don't believe me check out cakewrecks. Nothing of mine is there, thank the cake Lord.  I'll share recipes. Not my cake recipes. Other, non-business recipes that I won't mind you having or sharing. Cake decorators are peculiar. All of us have our own little treasure chest that is sacred. And it has a security alarm. We will tell you we don't, but we do. Think of it like Grandma's recipe box.

I'll share about my children. They're a riot. Especially my youngest. He's four. And adorable. And at the age where everything is repeated, only it's like a translation for other young folk. I'll give you a for instance. We where watching Tyler's Ultimate on the Food Network and Tyler was enlightening us with the ingredients for a lovely cranberry chutney to go along with his yummy chicken. Well, Little Guy thought it sounded delicious. What four year old thinks cranberry chutney sounds good? Mine. Only he called it Jancherry Chubby. And I happen to think his sounds much cuter and less pretentious.  

I'll share about raising my spoiled six year old, very precocious, only daughter who adores her dad and thinks I am satanesque in my 'why am I the only one who doesn't cater to her every whim?' style of parenting. I'll  beg for the help and experience of moms who are familiar with children whose heads are covered with impossibly thick and bologna curled hair that collects remnants of every meal they eat and possibly provides shelter for small animals. I'd hire someone to style it if I could afford to.  Maybe without the parental bond a hairdresser could tune out the shrieks and ignore the tears in the morning when a brush stands still in defiance, refusing to move.  

I'll share about how fun it is raising a teenager. How all the things my mother said that I swore I'd never say to my children fly across my lips on a regular basis. Now I know what the sign adorning the refrigerator in my childhood kitchen meant that said 'Hire a Teenager While They Still Know Everything'. I didn't get it then, but now, oh now, I get it. My teenage son wants to start a skateboard company. He wants his own brand. And he wants to order T-shirts with his logo on them to give out to friends. Such a generous spirit he has.  Don't ask how he'll pay for them. We haven't gotten that far yet. He wants to go to college. On a sports scholarship. Or maybe he'll be a graphic artist. But whatever it is, he wants a Corvette. When he turns 16. And a mansion. For his first house. He wants to invent something that will make millions. Overnight. Oh to have the world in the palm of your hands and not talk yourself out of dreaming so big. What it must be like to be 13 and not yet own the well-seasoned skillet of reality...

I'll share about my husband of 14 years. He's a borderline OCD neat freak. And good-looking. When we were first married I thought it was cute. I could keep up with his disorder when we had no children. I kept up after our first. Even after the the second I managed pretty well but after the third? Not so much. He works from home.  He's really good at what he does.  And he's got a secret addiction to doing laundry. I am an enabler. He's an awesome father. He's silly and goofy with our kids. They love him. I love that he's goofy with them. It's sexy to me. And he still makes me laugh. When he's not looking at the dust on the ceiling fan.

I don't know how often I will blog. I don't know how long the posts will be. This was a 'get to know me while I get my feet wet' post.  I am challenged when it comes to staying focused on the task at hand. Also, I have internet ADHD. I always start with a specific destination. But then it's like I have multiple personalities and they all take over at once.  When I snap out of it there's 38 open windows of links I've clicked, search engine results and flickr photostreams. I'm easily distracted on the internet. Martha would faint if she saw the state of my bookmarks. Most of them are cake related. I need to find a local support group for the cake obsessed. Maybe they have one online. Oooooh!!!! I can multitask.

So if you haven't fallen asleep, thank you. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear more about. And leave a comment so I know you're out there!

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